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2nd RegPol² school "Empirical perspectives on Central and Eastern European polarisation processes and their analysis"

Discussants for keynote lectures
We are looking for volunteers which will discuss the contributions of our keynote lecturers. We are planning to have two discussants per keynote. Please enter your name in the linked table if you are interested. Keynote lecturers will be asked to send their contributions beforehand.

Monday 26/10/15

Introduction - Thilo Lang

Keynote lecture “The EU - a risky project?” - Sebastian Lentz

Approaches of comparison and contextual analysis of multiperspectivity (Ute Wardenga) werner_zimmermann_2006.pdf

2nd ESR colloquium

Tuesday 27/10/2015

Wednesday 28/10/2015

Keynote lecture - Ray Hudson

Design thinking - Norbert Kunz, Jennifer Pauli
Presentation Social Impact

Thursday 29/10/2015

Friday 30/10/2015

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