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3rd ESR colloquium

As the feedback after the 2nd RegPol² school suggested not to stick to the Work Packages for the ESR colloquium we would like to invite you to organise yourself in three groups according to your needs and interests. Each group should be composed of 4-5 RegPol² fellows.

As usual you are supposed to give a short presentation about your project (not more than 10 minutes). The presentation should contain the following points:
- starting point of your research
- central research questions
- theoretical and conceptual approach
- methodology
- first empirical results
- current issues which you want to discuss

The ESR colloquium will have a length of 2,5 h which means approx. 30 min. for the presentation and discussion of each of your projects.Please take this into account while preparing the presentation.

In order to give your discussant enough time to prepare please upload your presentations at the latest by 14 September 2016.

NameTopicupload of presentationDiscussant
Group 1 “Local perspectives on peripheralisation processes” Ilgvars Everyday practices of adaptation and resistance to peripheralisation at household scale ilgvars_jansons_regpol_slovakia.pptxBianka
Bianka Local Relevance of and Responses to Discursive Peripheralization bianka_local_responses.docx Martin
Martiene “Leading places on the map” the role of local leadership in peripheralisation processes tatra_presentation_martiene_draft.pdf Melinda
Martin G Exploring peripheralisation through firm practices in innovation processes colloq_martin_draft.pdf Martiene
Melinda Social and solidarity economy initiatives - Reproducing, opposing or resisting peripheralization? melinda_3rd_regpol2_school.pdf Ilgvars
Group 2 “Some Policy-related stuff (or something like that)” Alex Framing Policy Responses to Polarised Regional Developmentkezmarok_col_brad.pdf Stefan
Sebastian European & national regional & innovation policies reproducing peripheries? presentation_3rd_regpol_school_sebastian.pdf Martin S.
Martin S. Cross-border governance: decision-making in the context of EU regional polarization spacek_presentation_160915.pdf Sebastian
Stefan Soft Spaces and Experimentalist Governance: Responses to Collective Action Problems stefan_3rdregpolschool.pptx Alex
Group 3 “Polarization and resources at the meso scale” (working title) Aura Socio-Spatial Polarization: Driving Force and Outcome of Territorial Mobility presentation_aura_moldovan.pdf Sorin
Sorin Renewable energy and peripheralization dynamicsres_peripheralization_cebotari_sorin_ubb_regpol_velka_lomnica_19-23.ppt Bradley
Bradley Path dependence of regional policy (Institutional responses to regional policy and polarization) brad_esr_colloquium_draft.pdfZsuzsi
ZsuzsiGlobally embedded processes of homogenization and differentiation on the Hungarian housing market Aura
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