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3rd RegPol² school "Beyond disparities: strategies towards a balanced spatial development”


The programme will be tough with a lot of tasks for you. In addition to the project presentations in the ESR colloquium and to the elevator pitch each of you will have to give a methodological input. We have also other tasks for you as being discussant for one of the keynote speakers, moderating a methodological training session or introducing the project and the work packages during the public conference. You will also have to read the texts for the text discussions which will be organised in small groups. But we are sure you will manage it :-) It will be good exercises for you.

The current programme draft is available here:

Travel arrangements
Table for travel arrangements

Keynote lectures - Discussants
We are looking for volunteers which will discuss the contributions of our keynote lecturers. We are planning to have one to two discussants per keynote. Please enter your name in the linked table if you are interested. Keynote lecturers will be asked to send their contributions beforehand.

Leadership in rural regions - Lummina Horlings
Abstract The city multiple and the global East - Martin Müller

Methodological seminars
You are expected to give at least 1 input paper to the methodological seminars which should be part of the methodological chapter of your thesis. Please choose to which seminar you want to contribute. It is also possible to choose more than one ;-)
We are looking also for voluntary chairs of session. Please think about which session you would like to moderate.

Monday, 19.09.2016

3rd ESR colloquium
Please organise yourself in three groups and enter your names in the table.

Tuesday, 20.09.2016

Text-based seminar
Please choose one of your favourite journal articles which combines theory, empirical research and research results until 30.06.16. The chosen texts will be the basis for the text analysis in the seminar.

Wednesday, 21.09.2016

Introduction to RegPol² and Work packages
On the second public conference day we expect that 4 of you will do a short introduction to either the project or the work packages. Please enter your name in the table.

Thursday, 22.09.2016

Friday, 23.09.2016

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