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ESR colloquium

The colloquium will be organised in 4 small groups as last time in Cluj.


We agreed in Cluj that everyone would have to send a text beforehand. It should be the text which you will send us for the next deadline and nothing that you have to prepare beside your regular writing. For the next deadline you should have:
> at least a completed first round of analysis of empirical material/ data
> a detailed structure for analytical chapters including first results/ sample text to illustrate your work
> a revised work plan until submission

The sample text can be a part of the dissertation that's ready, or it can also be a collection of arguments/ statements that you discuss in a few paragraphs. It should be some kind of a text that presents key findings; potentially highlighting issues/ dilemmas that seem to be problematic to you, that challenge being able to finish writing. Bring issues that we feel would be good to discuss (and discussing them would help us finalize).


Your presentations should relate to the text that you will have provided beforehand and focus primarily on:
- key findings (this would be the main goal of the presentations!)
- methodological issues encountered in the course of analysis (what did you find your empirical material enough for? how to handle gaps of empirical material/ dead ends once you're in the analytical phase? how do you resolve/ more forward?)
- ethical issues arising during analysis/ writing (eg. issues of securing anonymity)
Everyone should prepare a presentation of 15-20 min max, and then allow for time for discussion.

Please enter your name, topic and upload the material for your presentation as well as the written text in the table until 22 May 2017.

GroupNameTopicupload of presentationupload of written text
Group 1 Martin GEmergence/formation contexts of innovation processes constitution_and_emergence_of_innovation_processes_2405_colloq.pdf
SorinDiscussing technology, development and peripheralization peripheralization_and_technological_development_sorin_cebotari.docx
SebastianIdentifying narratives in interviews and policy documents text_esr_colloquium_sebastian.pdf
Group 2Bradley Following document analysis with key interview findings loewen_methods_results.docx
AlexContrasting Practices of Territorial Cohesion colloquium_text.pdf
Martin Š. Cross-border Multilevel governance: key interview findings esr_9_preliminary_findings.docx
Group 3Ilgvars Individual and collective everyday geographies and experiences in the context of peripheralisation chapter_v_draft.docx
Martiene Leading in heterogeneity, first results of Estonian and Dutch field work draft_chapter_for_colloquium_martiene.pdf
Melinda Local development from below, resources and decision making in focus melinda_analysis_24.05.2017.docx
Group 4Zsuzsi Reproducing unevenness on the Hungarian housing market through firm-level strategies first_analysis_interviews_zsuzsi.docx
Aura Bringing together quantitative data on territorial mobility and core-periphery structure aura_summary_findings.docx
Stefan Case 1 Euroregion Sumava 5_euroregion_sumava.docx
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