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Discussion on ESR projects

The discussions on your projects will focus:
- on the methodology chapter,
- empirical material,
- analytical proceedings,
- first results and
- your next steps.

Concrete exercises on some methodological/analytical proceedings will follow during the methodological session.

This discussion session doesn't have to be organised along the work packages but can be organised according to your interests (as last time in Velka Lomnica). Please enter your name, topic and upload the material for your presentation in the table until 12 January 2017. We can organise 4 groups to have more time for discussions (it's your decision). Please decide whose presentation you want to discuss until 17 January 2017.

GroupNameTitle of presentationUpload of materialDiscussantInvolved supervisors
1 'researching economic actors' Martin GRelational perspectives on business innovation – a biographical approach cluj_martin.pdf
Zsuzsi The changing circle and spatiality of housing market actors after the crisis Melinda
Melinda Bottom-up initiatives of local development – economic? alternative? - Case studies from Hungary melinda_cluj_20170119.pptxAura
Aura Occupational structure of total and mobile population (I know they're not economic actors, but I'll try to focus on them as actors who place themselves and their human resources in specific places) Martin
2 “Discourses, Images, Framing…” (just an idea, anyone interested?)BiankaPeripheralization Discourses in Estonia: Research Design and Challenges bianka_image_of_the_periphery_regpoljan17.pdf Ilgvars
Martiene Empirical issues when researching actors & images Bianka
IlgvarsUse of a descriptive approach for a richer analytical proceeding Martiene
3 Policy-related projects (e.g. dealing with methodological + analytical issues when working with policy documents, expert interviews, different institutions etc.)SebastianIdentifying policy discourse in documents & expert interviews
Alex Policies as Communicative Processes
Sorin Expert interview and policy analysis
4 Policy-related projects II Stefan insider, outsider, saturation? Brad
Brad Validating and substantiating claims of expert interviews? esr7_expert_interviews.pdfMartin S.
Martin S.interviews with experts from diff. fields + validation findings Stefan
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