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1st ESR colloquium

Within your work package you are free to choose one project you would like to discuss (one discussant per presentation).

Outline by Topic Project outline Discussant (WP 1)
ESR 1 Aura MoldovanTerritorial mobility and socio-spatial polarisation in Romania and Hungaryoutline_aura_esr1.pdfZsuzsanna Pósfai
ESR 2 Stefan Telle[European Union Cohesion Policy and the (Re-) Production of Centrality and Peripherality through Soft Spaces with Fuzzy Boundaries][outline]Sebastian Schulz
ESR 3 Sebastian SchulzEU and National Regional Innovation Policies Reproducing Peripheries? - A Critical Analysisproject_outline_esr_3_updated.docxVerena Ast
ESR 4 Zsuzsanna PósfaiUnderstanding the role of housing markets in regional polarization processes in Central and Eastern Europeresearch_proposal_3.0_2015.03.05..docxAura Moldovan
ESR 5 Bianka PlüschkeImages of the Periphery Impeding Rural Development?plueschke_updated_research_outline.pdfStefan Telle
Verena AstSocial urban development and the role of social mixpresentation_ast.pdf[Bianka Plüschke]
Outline by Topic Project outline Discussant (WP 2)
ESR 6 Martiene Grootens [Public leaders shaping peripheral regions? Analyzing practices, relations and discourses of public leaders in peripheral regions of Estonia and the Czech Republic [revised_research_plan_feb._15_.docx] Alexandru Brad
ESR 7 Bradley LoewenTowards territorial cohesion? Path dependency and innovation of regional policies in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Estonia after ten years of Cohesion Policy esr_7_outline.docx Martin Spacek
ESR 8 Alexandru BradThe Role of Policy Paradigms for the Governance of Core-Periphery Relations in Germany and Romaniaesr8_a_brad.pdfGuillaume Javourez
ESR 9 Martin SpacekMultilevel governance for balanced development between core and peripheral spacesproject_outline_spacek_150118.docx [Martiene]
Guillaume JavourezCross-border recompositions in European periphery – the case of Greece and the Republic of Macedonia outline-tartu-javourez.doc Gintare
Gintare Pociūtė-SereikienėSpatial structure of peripherality in Lithuania g.pociute_s._outline_for_tartu.docBradley Loewen
Outline by Topic Project outline Discussant (WP 3)
ESR 10 Ilgvars Jansons[Everyday practices of adaptation and resistance to peripheralisation at household scale]esr_10_research_outline._updated_version_.docxMelinda Mihály
ESR 11 Melinda MihályThe role of social entrepreneurship in rural development - A comparative study between Hungary and Germanyresearch_outline_melinda_mihaly_27.02.2015.docx}Andrea Čapkovičová
ESR 12 Martin GraffenbergerCoping with Peripherality: External Knowledge Acquisition and Innovation Activities of Businesses in Peripheral Settings proposal_tartu_graffenberger.docxSorin Cebotari
ESR 13 Sorin CebotariRenewables Energies' Impact on Local Community Developmentsorin_cebotari_esr13.doc Martin Graffenberger
Andrea ČapkovičováCentres and peripheries – where do rural regions belong to? Study on the Czech regionstartu_capkovicova.docx Ilgvars Jansons
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