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   *[[General literature]]   *[[General literature]]
   *[[links|Links]]   *[[links|Links]]
 +  *[[Network-wide events]]
   *[[Working papers and presentations developed within the project]]   *[[Working papers and presentations developed within the project]]
   *[[Planning of publications and presentations]]   *[[Planning of publications and presentations]]
   *[[How To]]   *[[How To]]
 +=== Tools ===
 +  *[[epub:​ebook|Ebook Creator (epub)]]
-=== Tools === 
-  *[[doku.php?​id=sidebar&​do=backlink|Backlinks]] 
-  *[[doku.php?​id=sidebar&​do=media&​ns=|File upload]] 
-  *[[Druckversion|Print version]] 
-  *[[doku.php?​id=start&​do=export_latexit|Export this page as Latex]] 
-  *[[Permanenter Link]] 
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