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The EMES research network (since 1996) is an international research network, which has its roots in Western-Europe and has developed from social economy (or third sector) research. A researcher with an EMES approach focuses on the organization (social enterprise) instead of the person (social entrepreneur).

The EMES research network has defined an ideal type of social enterprise within three dimensions (economic, social and participatory):

“Economic and entrepreneurial dimensions of social enterprise

  • A continuous activity producing goods and/ or selling services
  • A significant level of economic risk
  • A minimum amount of paid work

Social dimensions of social enterprise

  • An explicit aim to benefit the community
  • An initiative launched by a group of citizens or civil society organizations
  • A limited profit distribution

Participatory governance of social enterprise

  • A high degree of autonomy
  • A decision-making power not based on capital ownership
  • A participatory nature, which involves various parties affected by the activity” (Defourny and Nyssens 2014, p. 48)
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