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Travel arrangements

NameTravel arrangementLocal Transport
Franziska Görmartrain on sunday to venue (21:09 h in Poprad) and night train on friday back“maybe someone can pick us up or we will take a taxi from Poprad “
Franziska Weyrichby Train - arrival Sunday Evening (21:09 h in Poprad) - departure Friday 2 p.m.“maybe someone can pick us up or we will take a taxi from Poprad “
Stefan TelleI could come by car (and take up to 3 people or equipment) or train from Bratislava.ok
Martin Špačektrainok
Martin GraffenbergerMost likely I will arrive in Kosice by plane on Sunday 18.09 on the early flight from Vienna (at around 13-14h I think); I am planning to fly out again from Kosice on Friday 23.09. at 15hadvice: train
Erika Nagycar/private (with Judit Timar and Gabor Velkey)ok
Maros Finkacarok
Judit TimarWe (with Erika Nagy and Gábor Velkey) will arrive Monday afternoon and leave Thursdayok
Zsuzsanna Pósfaiby carok
Ilgvars JansonsArriving on sunday and leaving on friday afternoon?
Aura Moldovandrive with personal car (together with Sorin): arrive on Sunday, 18.09 in Veľka Lomnica and leave on Friday, 23.09ok
Bradley LoewenTrain from/to Pragueok
Rivo Noorkõivto the meeting place on Monday, September 19 late in the evening and we will depart on Friday.with Garri
Bianka Plüschke-Altof
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