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Travel arrangements

NameTravel arrangementLocal Transport
Stefan TelleI could come by car (and take up to 3 people or equipment) or train from Bratislava.ok
Martin Špačektrainok
Martin GraffenbergerArriveing in Kosice by plane on Sunday 18.09 at 14:00; flying back on Sunday 25.09 at 15:10advice: train
Zsuzsanna Pósfaiby carok
Ilgvars JansonsArriving on sunday and leaving on friday afternoon?
Aura Moldovandrive with personal car (together with Sorin): arrive on Sunday, 18.09 in Veľka Lomnica and leave on Friday, 23.09ok
Bradley LoewenTrain from/to Pragueok
Bianka Plüschke-AltofTo conference: Ryan Air Flight 18.9.16 (15:15-16:30), further travel by train to Poprad-Tatry (arrival 22:35), further travel to resort ? (Unfortunately I cannot take an earlier flight, therefore I would be very grateful for collective travel arrangements) - Travel from conference: either 23.9.16 by train (incl. night train to Berlin) or on 24.9.16 by train and planeVladimir can pick she up by private car.
Martiene GrootensI have 2 options at the moment. Option 1: arriving at Kosice on 18-09 at 13:55, from where I can take public transport to the resort. Flight back on Friday 23-09 on 15:10 from Kosice airport. When taking public transport on this Friday, I will have to leave earlier than the program finishes. So possibility for combined transport to the airport would be good. Option 2: Flying to Vienna on 18-09, arriving at 13:30, Then taking the bus to Bratislava and from there train to Tatra mountains. return trip to Bratislava, Vienna on Friday evening and flight from Vienna on Saturday. Final choice depends on whether it is possible to have arranged travel to the Kosice airport on Friday afternoon, or for the Vienna option (option 2) on Sunday from Bratislava.advice: Kosice airport has better connection from Velka Lomnica than Bratislava. There is a lot of possibilities to travel from Velka Lomnica to Kosice in Friday afternoon.
Sebastian SchulzArrival in Bratislava, then train ride to Poprad on the 18th September. Return trip from Poprad to Bratislava by train on 23rd September at 13.00h.maybe he can join Stefan
Melinda MihályLeipzig-Bratislava (train) - Veľká Lomnica (car?)- Bratislava (car?)- Leipzig (train)maybe she can join Stefan or she can take the train with IfL staff via Prague
Alexandru Brad I arrive on Sunday with the big Leipzig group (21:09 h in Poprad) - Franziska & co, and will leave on Friday afternoon with Aura and Sorin“maybe someone can pick us up or we will take a taxi from Poprad “
Sorin Cebotari ?
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