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Work package meeting

Short presentations in WPs

I think the organisation is clear here. Please provide an overview about where you are currently with your project and what is going to be next. It should be just an exchange within WPs.

Discussion on ESR projects
This session doesn't have to be organised along the work packages but according to your interests (as last time in Velka Lomnica). Please enter your name, topic and upload the material for your presentation in the table.

National/regional policy context

Please indicate until 12 January 2017 which country sessions you want to attend. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to organise that every fellow could attend both (or all three) countries that he/she is researching. On the other hand some of you will have one hour of freetime as they are only researching one country (except if they are interested in the other ones as well ;-) )

Session 1CzechiaRomaniaEstonia
ESRs Stefan; Bradley; Martin S. Alex; Sorin; AuraSebastian; Martin; Bianka; Martiene
SupervisorsMartin GubaStefana VarvariRivo Noorkoiv, Garri Raagmaa
Questions which may be discussed from Alex: Relevance of Regional Development Plans - how are they implemented?
Session 2SlovakiaGermanyHungary
ESRs Sebastian; N.N. Martin; Martin S.; Alex; Melinda, (Bianka) Bradley; Zsuzsi; Ilgvars; Aura
SupervisorsVladimir OndrejickaThilo LangJudit Timár, Erika Nagy
Questions which may be discussed

Methodological sessions

After checking your proposals and discussing it with the supervisors we decided to offer four methodological sessions (2 x 2 sessions à 60 min.)

Please indicate which topics are most interesting for you (your two favourites + one in brackets which could be as well beneficial for you in case your two favourites have to be parallel). I will schedule the seminars after you indicated your favourites.

Please be prepared that in these sessions your own empirical work will be discussed. You don't have to hold a proper presentation but you should be able to explain and discuss your methodological proceedings. Please collect beforehand questions and problems which you would like to discuss and which can be forwarded to me and/or the responsible chairs.

Triangulation: combining analytical results from different empirical sourcesThilo Lang (Martiene), Sebastian, Zsuzsi, (Bianka), MartinG, Alex, Melinda, Martin S., Sorin, Ilgvars, (Stefan)
Data security issues and ethical issues of interviews, data analysis and result presentationJudit Timár and Erika NagyMartiene, Sebastian, Bianka, Brad, (MartinG), Melinda, (Martin S.), (Aura)
Coding and building conceptual categories in data analysisCalin Goina, UBBMartiene, (Sebastian), Zsuzsi, Bianka, Brad, MartinG, Alex, (Melinda), Martin S., (Ilgvars), Stefan, Aura
Quantitative analytic methods and data interpretation Tomas Hanell (Zsuzsi), (Brad), Aura

Individual finetuning

Some of the supervisors will be available for individual finetuning on Wednesday, 25 January, between 14:30 and 15:30h. There will be two slots. Please enter your name in the table. If more than two fellows wants to speak with a supervisor we will try to find another time slot parallel to the regular programme.

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